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Top 25 Classified Ad Sites:
  1. has free posting and upgradeable "featured" posting. You can upgrade your ad in four (4) categories for $9.99 each category, or for a total one time payment of $39.96 per ad for a 6 month run. This site gets over 20 million visitors per month, averaging over 1.9 million per day.  (The quality of your ad copy will determine your click through rate, or CTR.)
  5. also offers upgradeable ads fairly cheap. Upgraded ads will get you more exposure and keep you at the top of the category.
  6. <<==Post your ad in more than 400 cities across the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, and the world - FOR ONE YEAR - for one low price!
  8. <<==Link your FreeClassifieds account with your Twitter account and get exponential exposure for your ad.
  16. <==Qwikads has a cheap $5 Featured ad in 439 cities. Great coverage on a budget!
  17. <==Looks a lot like Craigslist, only global
  28. 24/7Backlinks. Need some quality backlinks to your web site? Sign up and receive 1,000 credits free!
  29. You can also post multiple URL's and keywords through

  A NOTE ABOUT QWIKAD.COM: The customer support at is superb! They are helpful and they're nice to you! (A lot more than I can say for CL!) Their "premium" ads are cheaper than Craigslist, too, and they work! You can now post a "Featured" 60 day ad in all 439 cities for just $5.

Alphabetical Listing of sites:

  1. 1 America's Mall - Currently more than 1000 hits an hour!
  2. 5 Star Ads
  3. A1 Home Based Business Free Classifieds
  4. AbleWise Classifieds
  5. Ace Classifieds
  6. Adlandpro
  7. Ads4Free
  8. Adline
  9. All Classifieds
  10. Amcho Classifieds Ads
  11. American Classified - Free classified Ad Online
  12. BeatYourPrice Free classified Ads
  14. Billy's Coffee Shop
  15. Biz Online Classifieds
  16. Buy and Sell
  17. Free Classifieds 
  18. Cashscripts Free Classifieds
  19. Classifieds For Free
  20. Click4Choice US Free Classifieds
  21. Clockwatcher's Classifieds
  22. Divorce And Women Free Classifieds
  23. Free Classifieds
  24. Dunway Enterprises Free Classifieds
  25. Dynamic Classified Ad 
  26. Ez Free Classifieds
  27. eClassifiedsWeb
  28. EC E-Classified Ads
  29. Ezilon Free Classified Ads 
  30. Free Advertising Exchange
  31. Free Business Ads
  32. FREE Classified Ads On The Internet - Currently more than 2,000,000 hits a day!
  33. Free photo classifieds & Ads
  35. Fyndin 
  36. Free Classifieds 
  37. GreekAds
  38. HGG Group Classified Site
  39. Highland Free Classifieds
  40. In The World Classifieds 
  41. Income/Financial Opportunities
  42. John's free AdsKingdom Classifieds- 1,000's of visitors per day. 1,000's of ads to search from. 1,000's of Power Submissions daily.
  43. LEAD System Classifieds Network 
  44. LinksToHouston.Com Classifieds
  45. Locanto - Free Classifieds
  46. Metro Online Classifieds
  47. Nelson Publications
  48. Net~Classifieds
  49. New Quest City National Classifieds 
  51. - Free Classified Ads 
  52. Ontario's Classifieds. Buy and Sell Ontario! 
  53. Pressmania Free Advertising
  54. Qwikad
  55. Sales Spider .com
  56. Free Classifieds
  57. Spilled Ink Free Classified Ads
  58. Start Page Mega Hits Classified Ads 
  59. SunSteam Search Free Classifieds
  60. Free Classifieds 
  61. Thailand Classifieds 
  62. The GREAT-OPPS Classifieds
  64. U.S. Free Ads
  65. Free Classifieds 
  67. Victoria, BC's FREE Classifieds
  69. World Free Ads 
  70. Yahoo Classifieds <<== Very high traffic site!
  71. Free 

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More Ad Sites

As more ad sites are found and verified, we will place them here.
Shoot for a goal of 200 ads a day and you will see exponential returns. (Watch the video just above this note.) Once you become proficient with copy, pasting and sending, you can do about 50 ads an hour, take a break and go back at it again.

Free Sites to Post Ads  There are TONS of free places to post. The name of the game in this business, and the way to make money, is MARKET, MARKET, MARKET!

Don't forget to look into placing a small ad in your local Thrifty Nickel or Penny Saver papers. Also, check your community papers. A lot of times it's free to advertise. Try posting flyers in apartment complexes and on college bulletin boards.

Post your ads for free. People are looking for home business opportunities daily, and they search these free ad places looking for them. Again if you don’t get anything from a free ad it's okay, because it didn't really cost you anthing but a little time. However if it does pay off you get to keep 100% of the profits because you spend $0 in advertising.

Here are the top 15 classified sites online right now pulled from the Top 20 -- five of them didn't have job friendly sections. After that are listed some other sites to try.

(As I find more sites, I will "scrub" the list of suspended sites and update this page.)


Free Webpages To Use As Mirror Sites
When Bulk Emailing Or Tracking Promotions
(Although these sites are free, some will offer additional options for a small monthly fee. Be careful to avoid these options unless you are willing to pay for them.)

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